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GPTCA C-level Course at Tennis Club Odense                                                                                              To pay: Open a free account - usermenu

Date: September 09-11 2016 – C Level Course,                                                                    Betal med dankort - opret et gratis profil under brugermenu

Venue: Tennis Club Odense, Sdr Boulevard 172, 5000 Odense C, Denmark

Presenting Speakers: Mr. Alberto Castellani, Italy


President of the GPTCA

 Kristian Pless - World junior nr 1. (ATP#65), Denmark 

Kristian Pless is a professional male tennisplayer from Denmark.He had an excellent junior career, winning the Australian Open Boys'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Singles and reaching the Boys'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' final at both Wimbledon and the US Open. He finished 1999 as the No. 1 ranked junior player in the world.

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Course ends up with an examination and certification. Session and teaching will be taught both on the court and in the class. 
About Mr. Alberto Castellani 
- Coach of a number of ATP Top 100 players over a period of 30 years including: Marc Rosset (career-high: ATP #9), Janko Tipsarevic (career-high: ATP #8), Ivo Karlovic (career-high: ATP #14), Hicham Arazi (career-high: ATP #22), Karim Alami (career-high: ATP #25), Adrian Voinea (career-high: ATP #36), Rainer Schuettler (his mental coach) 

- He directs, as a technical director, the training courses for tennis teachers and coaches of the UISP, Tennis League (Unione Italiana SportperTutti)

- For over 15 years he’s been teaching at the Faculty of Physical Education, University of Perugia “Technical theory and teaching for individual sports” and in the specialized Degree Course for Sciences and Techniques of the Sporting Activity, “Individual sports”.

- He’s an international ATP Coach - he graduated as a tennis teacher at the National School for Teachers (Rome) of the Italian Tennis Federation registered in the Official List of Teachers

- Today he’s a member, as an International Coach of the Coach Association of the ATP (Professional Tennis Association), the most important international organization in the world of professional tennis coaching. Only four Italian coaches are members of it and around 40 in the world conditions to be admitted is the continous top 100 high-level coaching activity

- Current director of the private group “Il Perugino: the art of tennis” which was and is composed by a team of elite coaches - the group had and still has top 100 and top 50 ATP players

- He is registered in the Official List of technicians, specialized in sport psychology. The Register is managed by the AIPS. For several years he held the Optional Courses of Tennis I and Tennis II, at the Isef of Perugia. Those courses were for Isef students and both of them had the relating final exam to be taken

- He is a director of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the same tennis league of UISP

- He is a university lecturer of the Perugia University (Italy)

- President of the Association of world high level tennis coaches “Global Professional Tennis Coach Association” founded in New York in 2010, during the US Open
- GPTCA National President of Italy and Morocco

- Training the Moroccan #1 and national Davis Cup player: Reda El Amrani
- During his more than 30 years activity as a professional high-level coach, he took part in more than 300 Grand Prix, ATP events, challengers, Grand Slams and Super 9 tournaments, from which he got credits and official passes.

- As a coach of the Taiwanese National Davis Cup team he took part in the match Philippines v Taiwan played in Lapu Lapu Sebu Mactan (Philippines)


Course organiser: Ismar Huskic, Ismar184@gmail.com


Contact for applicants: Thomas H. Nyholm

Tel: +45 6168 1100
Email: tennisclubodense@gmail.com


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09.09.2016 kl. 09.00 - 19.09.2016 kl. 18.00
Tennis Club Odense - Sdr. Boulevard 172, Odense 5000 C
2495,00 kr.